Friday, April 12, 2013

There goes the diet! (and how to fry oysters)

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you think about dieting, then something comes into your house to challenge that plan?  Case in point, world famous extra small Hood Canal Oysters!  We like them fried, that is not too friendly to the waistline along with tarter sauce.  Of course I had to have blue cheese dressing on my salad.  Oh well... I will try harder today.  The thing is, we will not purchase oysters any month that does not contain an "R" in it.  That means no oysters for May, June, July or August.  They are soft and mushy and spawning those months. This is the last month that we get to enjoy them until next September so I am not going to feel too guilty.  If I had the time, I would just go out to the canal myself and sit on the beach with some lemons and my trusty oyster shucking knife and eat them raw on the half shell.  I have pleasant memories of doing that more times than I can count.   If I had time to kill, I would be out there right now!

The easiest way to fry oysters is just to take some flour and add your favorite seasoning in one bowl, and some egg wash (just a beaten egg with a Tablespoon or so of water) in another.  I then dredge in the flour seasoning mixture, then into the egg, back into the flour and into a pan of hot oil (but not too hot).  I just pan fry on both sides until golden brown which is just about 2-3 minutes on each side.  That's it!  

Last night after eating I thought a quick 3 mile walk around my favorite forest paths would help settle some of the guilt from eating fried foods.  Look at this root ball clump and how nature is re-claiming it.  When giant douglas fir trees come down in a wind storm, they have very tall root balls taller than you and me together standing on each other's shoulders.  

The wonderful thing about living in a rain forest is some of the cool things I witness while walking.  Look at the thick moss on this tree and from that, ferns begin to grow on the tree itself.  It is quite beautiful to look at don't you think?

And there are many types of moss.  Look at this long and hair moss that grows from the tree limbs here.  Isn't it beautiful?

While I was out walking this trillium was just asking to have it's photo snapped.  The sun came out for a little bit and this trillium was growing right in the middle of a split tree trunk that had 3 trees growing up and they were all mossy and green.  Smack in the center was this trillium and the sun came beaming through the forest cover to illuminate this one flower.  It was more beautiful in real life. 

Wild woodland violets are starting to bloom on the forest floor and cover it with a happy blanket of little yellow flowers.  I imagine being a little tiny woodland fairy or something frolicking about when I view them. They sure are a sight and just make me feel happy inside.

A sure sign that spring is here, is not the weather because it is stormy and cold with sun breaks... but instead, passing by the ball fields are groups of various baseball teams practicing for their summer leagues.  It is rather fun to sit and watch the kids clumsily play and miss catching the ball and miss hitting it with the bat when it is their turn to go up to bat.  I am sure with practice they will get better. 

Today I hope to continue to work on my crochet project so I can get that put up soon.

Until next time.........xxxxxxxxxxx

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