Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pillows and more pillows, to complete the bedroom set.

Hi everyone!  I have been strangely silent here for the last 2 weeks.  I have so many things going on and a lot of catching up to do.  But for now, I will post a little about my crochet project.  I am still working hard to complete a bedroom set and it is slowly coming together piece by piece.  Between gardening and spring, my crocheting has slowed down a bit due to a few nice days here and there.  Also, I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  I think all the world events kind of got to me some along with spending too much time on Facebook when I had free time instead of being creative.  There simply were too many in your face type posts where everyone has a strong and many times unpleasant opinion on everything, and even strong opinions on the least offensive things... and you NEED to know it because people these days are in your face regardless if you want to know or not.  Multiply that time whatever amount of your hundreds of friends and it was too much. I unplugged and have been decompressing and spending that time thinking about my diet/working out and happier things, and my creative juju is returning.    As you can see in the above photo I got the second pillow finished for my bed.

As you can see they both button up the back.  Forgive the crinkles as I was not careful to straighten it out before taking the photo and for now, there are some pretty old and lumpy pillows in those covers.  I need to go purchase a few new ones, as these pillows never get used and are more just there to take up space when the bed is made.

Here they are on the bed and the bedroom set is not complete.  The cat is sleeping on the ripple blanket that I have folded up on the edge of the bed for now.  Things will change.  Right now I am sleeping on a day bed but I have a bigger bed in storage.  Since it is just me sleeping in this bed, I have been keeping my queen size bed in storage and just using this one so there is more room in my bedroom.  The blanket is big enough to fit a larger bed and is currently tucked in on the back side.  The set has the busy bits completed...

I am currently working on the 3rd pillow but it is going to take me some time to complete.  Here is the stitch detail on the front of the bed pillow.  The back will be the same as the others.  I have no idea exactly what I will be doing other than the fact that it will have lots of flowers all over it in the same scraps that I used on the rest of the motifs for the bed.

If you go to Attic 24, Lucy has a wall decoration of a big flower and a stem with each leaf a different color.  Here is the beginning of one I am playing with.  I thought it would be cute to go with another flower instead of hers... but I am not sure of what I will do yet.

I have a box full of buttons and I might add these happy little bees buzzing around some of the flowers, but I am not sure yet.

I also have these happy little buttons of smiley happy flowers too! 

I am just going to continue on making things to put on the pillow to decorate it and see what it wants to be when it is finished.  Then I have 2 smaller 16x16 inch throw pillow blanks that I purchased and they too will go on the bed, along with a matching throw blanket.  

I have a long way to go but I am getting excited again... I can't wait to see what it will be when it is finished as I am flying with it all... 

I hope everyone is doing well and that you all are having a happy creative spring!  Which reminds me, I have a lot of flower and nature things to share soon.   Now that I am getting my juju back, I will catch up and I hope you like it.  

Until next time... xxxxxxxx

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