Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Thursday

Sometimes we can live in a town for many many years and never discover all the hidden treasures that are about.  This is true even in a small town.  I have been meaning to upload some images from last Thursday but have not had a chance to do so.  I can't keep putting things off or something new comes along and soon it is just a faded long ago memory.  I don't want this to become like that... so I am being mindful to upload this now.   A friend that is on our city council kicked off his campaign at the most gorgeous house.  I always see this big white home when riding the ferry boat to and from the neighboring town.  You can see the ferry boat coming into town in the above photo.  From down there, this house always looked amazing but little did I know the treasures that lurk behind the walls.  The home was built in 1909 and was recently renovated and turned back to it's former glory.  It is now a bed and breakfast, but we will get to that in a minute.

I did not capture images of all the rooms, but there are 7 of them and all for rent.  Either for the night, week, month or whatever... you can even rent the entire house out.  Of course each one is so beautiful with their own bathroom.

This room I just love as the wrap around deck and doors to walk out on it and did I mention the views?  Oh yes, the views are splendid! 

I didn't spend a lot of time photographing the bathrooms but if I had, you would see that each one is decorated in a retro fashion with antiques all the way through.  Each bathroom has a deep claw foot tub for taking long and luxurious baths.  

There is a lot of attention to detail here.  Even the smallest nook have things of interest like books and such for reading.  You can just pick one up and go out on the deck, or in the yard or your room, or one of the sitting rooms and curl up.

Can you imagine curling up in this room with a fire in the fireplace and the spectacular view from the window?  (more view photos to follow)

Here is yet another fireplace with a cozy room to curl up in.  Right behind me where I am standing is a table with some big comfy chairs, and a spectacular view to be seen.

I took this photo from that very window.  It was a strange day that day, regarding the weather.  One minute it would be dark and stormy and the next bright and sunny... I happened to capture this just as the clouds were rolling in.  About 5 minutes after I snapped this photo, you could not see across the bay for the next half hour.

But do not fear, It quickly started to lighten up again out there  I went out on the deck and enjoyed a few minutes with my glass of wine and took in the view.  Isn't it lovely?

Here is the view with the wine glass used as a reference point.  It is taken from outside and a little better view than the photo taken that was dark and stormy.  It shows our little downtown shopping area and the main street known as "Bay Street". 

I wish I would have taken time to photograph the entire kitchen but it was buzzing with people preparing food for the party that was starting.  The kitchen is huge and just ever so lovely.  

Everyone was mingling in the dining room around the food when I first arrived... And that is how I was able to get so many unspoiled photos of the house.  It seems where there is lots of food and wine, the people gather and remain.

When the house was originally built back in 1909, the original owners lived in this tiny log cabin.  It has since been opened up and is now an outside seating area to pass the time away outdoors.  There is even a fireplace in case it gets a little chilly outside.

And last but not least, it is not the best photo in the world of me, but I thought it fun.  Why?  Because if you look close, I have eleventy billion fingers due to the bevel in the antique mirror.  

If you want to know more about the house, and how to book a room, please visit their site.

I really love discovering little hidden gems like this one don't you?  The owners of this home are nice as can be and it is simply beautiful.  If you are ever in my neck of the woods, give them a ring :) 

Until next time........xxxxxxxxxx

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