Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First circle to square pillow complete.

Last night I finished off the first of several pillows to go with the bedroom set I am making for my bed.  It will go with the flowers in the snow blanket I completed not too long ago.  I am covering a couple of full sized bed pillows with this design.  Then I will do something different with another bed sized pillow to contrast these and then make a few throw pillows to contrast as well.  I want to break things up a bit when it is all said and done.  Here is the front side of the pillow.  

This is the back side of the pillow.  It buttons together to keep everything enclosed and also so I can slip off the cover easily for washing.  I added the scallop so the pillow can be sitting on the bed in either direction and still be cute.  I am excited to get it all finished so I can see it all together.  I hope I can get this all done before spring is over with!  I am going with the cream color as the main color on all of it and then adding splashes of color all over.  I am using up the last of my scraps and there are more again because recently my neighbor gifted me with a huge box of even more!  I don't know when I will start to play with all that new yarn I just purchased.  I want to finish all this off first. 

On my walk yesterday in the forest I noticed that the forest is coming alive with color.  You have no idea what I had to go through to get this shot of skunk cabbage!  It was a sorry sight for sure to be seen.  I am glad nobody was along for the walk and got to witness me crawling over and under all kinds of mossy, wet, fallen forest debris and through a swamp that burp with each spongy step.  Then all around me through the corner of my eyes, big crawly things bobbing up and down through the wet and stagnant swamp water.  But... I did manage to capture a shot of swamp cabbage flower.  There were a lot of them out there but I wasn't about to continue to trek through the swampy portion of the woods.  All sorts of bugs were landing on me and making me itch so it was time to move on. 

There were stands of native Trillium all through the forest.  They are such cheerful flowers.  The blossoms are large and bright along a contrast of 12 inch high stems.  As they age and mature and start to fade, they will take on a pink color.  

Speaking of pink... The salmonberry blossoms are in full bloom.  They are simply beautiful.  I can't wait until later in the summer when the salmonberries are ripe.  They never seem to make it home when I do pick them as they get eaten straight out of the bucket when I am wandering through the forest.  These are native to the region that I live in and are not a widely known berry around the world.  When they are fully ripe they range "salmon" in color to redish in color

All in all, it was a great day and I got a lot of walking time in, followed by some hooking time in the evening.  

I hope everyone is enjoying spring time weather for those of you in the northern hemisphere.  This weekend is supposed to be fabulous and warm where I live.  It will be time to spend the weekend out in the gardens preparing the flower and vegetable beds again.  I must finish up with all the winter weeds so I can have fun out there.  

Until next time......xxxxxxxxxx

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