Sunday, March 3, 2013

Relaxing Sunday... and Ripple Sneak Peek

Today was a very relaxing Sunday.  I got up this morning and put up a quick batch of rootbeer. You can see the post here.   I made a quick tutorial for anyone interested in how to make it.

I ended up going to the movies with a friend this afternoon.  It was a cute movie named "Jack The Giant Slayer".  When exiting the movie theater this was the view.  I love the view from this theater in town.  On a clear day there are clear blue skies and mountains capped with snow all around.  It is a stunning vision to be seen.  Even though it was overcast today, the view is still beautiful don't you think?

After dinner tonight I was able to get a bit of hooking time in.  I am only showing you a limited sneak peek at my ripple blanket.  I think you are going to like it. For now you get this limited view that was shot with a flash on the camera as it is dark now.  The flash drowns out all the texture... Which is kind of fun because you are going to love it when I get a chance to take appropriate photos.

I can't wait to write up the pattern and take lots and lots of photos in a few days.  I am excited to show it off.  Until then, this is all you get (Yes, I am such a tease)

OK, off to watch "Vikings" on the history channel.  I have not viewed this series before but already I am loving it.    Ta!

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