Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Circles, it is all about the circles.

For the last several days I have been making these circles in the evenings.  When I was putting away all that new yarn I purchased, I found a small bag of scraps and added to my yarn basket.  This meant that I should probably do something with them and add them to the other small amount of scraps I had left in the basket.  

Originally I had planned on making a groovyghan but I have put that on hold for now.  I want to just be done with having scraps sitting around and I want to make an actual planned project, with planned colors for once.   I wanted to be done with all these bits so I can start with a clean break.  

I am unsure what I will do to these circles just yet.  I have used them when I made the hexagon from Attic 24, and the Flowers in the snow blanket earlier this year...  I might just turn them into some sort of granny square and assemble them into yet another blanket or maybe if there are enough of them, some pillows as well.    Then, I will not have scraps nagging at me and I will be able to start fresh.    When I looked at the basket of scraps, I just started making these with no real plan...  

Spring has gone back into hiding around here again so I am once again passing the cold and wet evenings away with a crochet hook and some hot tea.

I am curious to see what I come up with.   Happy crafting to you dear reader.  Please share in the comments what you are working on!  I love to see what others are doing.  Don't be shy, go ahead, post a link :) 

Until next time... xxxxx

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