Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yarn Ahoy Matey!

About a week or two ago, this was all the worsted weight yarn I had left in the world.  What a sad state of affairs this was.  I worked hard to work down my stash and with this much left, there was not much left that I could make for a completed project.   Well now I have the jackpot!  I will not need to buy yarn again for a long time. 

About two weeks ago I started to buy yarn on sale at various places.  I kept going back to some of the discount stores and picking up colors that I liked here and there.  

It all was taking shape nicely don't you think?  But no... I could not get all the colors I wanted so I put in a big order for yarn on the internet.  

That arrived yesterday... 9 glorious pounds of yarn to complete my color selection with!  Oh, the ideas started to swim around in my head and I could not wait to compile this yarn with the other yarn so see the rainbow I had.  

I heard lots of cars and noise out front early this morning... I thought "What is going on out there"?  and I looked and it was a big garage sale at one of the neighbors houses.  The entire house is a big garage sale as they are retiring and moving to Vegas.  I saw someone come up the stairs with a big box claiming "I have 40 skeins of yarn here". and I RUSHED down the stairs only to find a room full of boxes of yarn.  I came home with all of this for only $27!   The acrylic yarn was only 50 cents a skein and the lambs wool was only $1 per skein!!  SCORE!  

I then gathered all of my new yarn together and put out on the back deck.  I began to sort by reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, blues, greens, purples and on and on...  It is a rainbow of yarn sitting together.  The truth of the matter is... I don't even know how many skeins I have now.  

There are so many colors to make so many wonderful things with as these are all brand new skeins of yarn, never touched.  I have so many ideas dancing around in my head looking at this. 

And last but not least, the sun came out and it is beautiful and warm and breezy.  I was able to put our washing out this morning, meaning tonight is going to be a great night to climb into bed with fresh & crisp line dried sheets.  I will be super happy smelling them and dreaming of all the things I can make with all that yarn.

I do not need to purchase any more yarn for a long time again, that is... until my basket ends up with the last of the yarn with not enough to make much of anything again... I suspect that will be a year or two from now :)  

I am a very happy girl!  xxxxxxxx

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