Monday, March 18, 2013

A week in review...

Sometimes life is so busy, that I can't possibly share it all here, and I want to share so much more.  I feel like I need to be better at it.  Here is some fragments of my evening walk tonight... I can't even begin to share the beauty of the pacific northwest in it's true fashion as in every turn, there is something more beautiful.   I can only hope to share the feeling I feel every evening when I take a walk.  I put in anyplace from a lazy day which is only 3 miles up to 3 loops in my little forest which is 9 miles.  Some days I break it up and upon waking... I do 3 miles in the morning and another 3-6 in the evening...  Here are some random moments from tonight.

And... I made lotion today as my supply was getting low.  I hope to put up a tutorial soon.  I am a master at formulary and want to share with all of you how to make at the very least, a cream or lotion for home use.

I hope to have a tutorial up soon for this so you can follow it.  

Then there are moments where I just enjoyed day to day life with St Paddy Day

Irish soda bread with lots of caraway seeds.

Corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot simmering all day long

Enjoying life with my feet up

Cabbage... with corned beef

And walking to church and enjoying the fellowship along with the view of the mountains on a crisp cool morning.

Church hands, not to be confused with jazz hands

The mountains and the view I see on my way walking to church

And the garden I planted last fall with all heirloom seeds, and seeing them come up so that I will have an early spring harvest, in time for a spring planting later on.  I have broccoli, spinach, beets and other yummies.




and the love of pets, and all the glory of spring

Buddy Boy


Daphne bush... oh the glorious scent

Ms. Lucy protecting her crochet blanket

Oh how I wish I had more time to go into detail and describe it all.. I am sorry for that dear reader.  However, I will let the photos speak for it all.  I hope to catch up soon.  I will make an effort to be better at is all in the near future.  Until then, let these photos speak for themself and my week.  

Until next time.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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