Monday, March 25, 2013

Making pillow covers to complete a set

For the last week or two, I have been making circles from the remainder of scraps I had on hand.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I had an idea in my head.  I thought making some matching pillows and a small throw blanket would be nice to add to the flowers in the snow blanket and make a set for my bed to adorn this spring.  When I have had a few minutes here and there I kept building circles.  They are very basic and I have seen a variety of projects using them.  Then I decided to turn them into basic squares.  The circle is just chain 3, join with a slip stitch, and then make a total of 12 double crochets (or chain 3, then 11 double crochets) to make a round.  Join with a slip stitch and then the 2nd round, chain 3 in the first space and a double crochet in that same space, and chain 1.  Then all the way around make 2 double crochets until you have a total of 12 double clusters.  Then round 3, make a granny square stitch with 3 double crochets and a chain between them and finish off...  For the square portion I just made 3 double crochets in the corner, then 3 half double crochets in the next 2 spaces, and then a 3 double crochet, chain 2, 3 double crochet to finish off the corner and do this all the way around.  

Yesterday was a day of rest for me, so I sat around reading books and finishing off the circles to start making some of them into pillow covers for my bed.

On each square I left a tail about 3 times as long as one side of a square and used those to stitch them into rows.  I stitched back row/loop only so it would be a flat seam.  For each bed pillow, that is a total of 24 squares.  Then I took some yarn and stitched the rows together.

After I completed them both, I did a row of single crochet all the way around with 3 stitches in each corner.  Then a row of double crochet all the way around with 3 stitches in each corner.

I am now working on the back side... So it is not completed yet.  But I think it will look fabulous with the Flowers in the Snow blanket, don't you?

Also, I have been super busy lately and feel a bit behind when it comes to blogging.  I have emails on ravelry that I have not answered asking for a half african flower tutorial, but I haven't had time to go there yet.  I have still yet to make up a lotion tutorial for folks that I promised, and a lot of busy times that have kept me away from the internet.  I will do my best to catch up, I am feeling a little guilty.  But you all know how it is to balance hobbies and life and all that... I figure when I have a bit of quiet time then I will catch up right?  So it is all good :)  

And last but not least, I have an entire update centered around a fabulous old house with the most amazing views that I had the pleasure to visit and drink a glass of wine... This house I am completely smitten with.  Here is a little preview.

Just looking at the photo, I want to go back there!  

Until next time... xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I've just started a flowers in the snow blanket. I'm only about 20 circles in so it's fair to say I've a way to go. Yours is just beautiful! I can only hope for mine to be half a lovely as yours (if I finish it of course!)

    1. That is a fun pattern! I am sure yours will be beautiful. I have yet to see one that isn't. It is such a fun way to use up all your little scraps of yarn to make something pretty. I am excited for you! Have a great day and thanks for your comment :)


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