Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nature's Gym

Right across the road from where I live there are a lot of nature trails.  I go here instead of paying for a gym membership with a monthly fee.  I see people drive all the way across town, to walk on a treadmill when this beautiful spot of hundreds of acres of forest is only about a mile from the gym.  A few miles down the road from here there is even a bigger forest... but this one is right here.  

The paths go up and down hills and twist and turn.  There are a lot of forest paths to choose from. I get in the zone and can go for hours.  I like to do two loops on my favorite trails which is about 6 miles. 

It is pretty dense until you reach the far corner on the other side, of which there is a beautiful view of the mountains once you reach a clearing.  Today they were hiding behind the clouds a bit but you can still see them. 

Once you turn that corner you are well on the way back home again.  I can go here rain or shine.  Even when it is pouring rain, I do not get very wet at all because the canvas of the trees helps to keep the big drops of water from falling on me.  

Today was such a wonderful time out in the forest.  I try to go as often as possible.  I did start to slack a little with going here but I am aiming at going at least 5 miles a day once again out here.  It is so much fun to be out in the fresh air and seeing snippets of woodland creatures here and there.  If you go early in the morning that is the best time to see them, as they are all out gathering their daily meals after a long rest all evening. 

I just wanted to share a little snippet of my daily life and where I go...

Until next time... xxxxxxxxxxxx

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