Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Krochet Krystal Daisy Square, and planning my next project

Today I finally got busy on my Krochet Krystal charity square.  I downloaded the pattern a few months back as I want to make a groovyghan.  I know that for sure, this is one of the squares I want to use.  It is such a great cause too!

Here is my first practice square.  I am going to use up all the little balls of yarn that I can and practice on a few more.  Then, I will be sending them off to the pattern designer.  The pattern is free, but she only asks that you make her one square as payment with either black or white as the background color.  You can go here and see how to download this free pattern.   

It is a little bit fiddly to work up as you are using two yarns at once and going in the round.

But do not fear!  When you join her yahoo group, she will send you links to the video content if you get stuck on any of the parts.  I do think that it needs a little practice.  This is my first square that I uploaded here of this pattern and I think I could do better.  Once I make a few more, and use up some of my little scraps on it, I should have it down well enough to make some for a blanket. 

Once I get these perfected, I will be making a groovyghan, and you can see them here.   I am still undecided on exactly how I will make my groovyghan.  I have more yarn arriving on Friday in addition to the big shopping spree I went on last week, as I was running out of yarn. 

It is a fun little square to make.  I hope you enjoy making them if you download the pattern.  I think it is such a great thing, because what she is doing from designing this pattern.  A lot of people that need blankets get some beautiful ones, from squares sent from all over the world.  They are colorful and very pretty as is.  

Until next time... xxxx


  1. This pattern should have a warning on it, as you can become quite obsessed with making daisies once you have mastered the technique. Your square looks great.

    1. It is a fun square. I made up another one last night and it looks a bit nicer than the one pictured. I am going to keep going until I am out of many of my small scrap balls of yarn to send in to her. Then I will be able to start on some for the blanket I am planning. Look out! Everyone might get "daisied to death" that knows me! ha ha


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