Friday, January 25, 2013

It is coming together, babette inspired blanket

Today I finally finished the last square on my Babette inspired blanket.  It still has a bit of work to do before I can do the big reveal.  I am excited to get the border on it so it "pops!" and is framed.  I had no real plans as I went along.  Sometimes I would see the big vs the little squares get off kilter a little and have to flip the blanket and work on the other end.  Then, I could put a big square in an area to kind of balance it out.  I just got done doing the low rent version of steaming it or "blocking" it but it really isn't truly blocked.  I have no blocking wires or anything such as that.  For me, as long as it lays pretty flat and straight, it is good enough for now.  Some day I will invest in blocking wires and mats.  Until then, this will just have to do.  It is still better than a ripply blanket.

I would also like to say welcome to my new blog if you are coming from "The Creative Crochet Group" on Facebook.  Please excuse the dust here as I just now started this blog recently and am trying to get caught up with making it snazzy and better, and going into detail about past projects that I recently posted.  I just had one of the admins from there contact me and ask if they could upload some of my photos to show my blankets.  I love to share and I hope it inspires someone.  I hope to not have this blog in total chaos for too long and have a great source of projects, with details, tutorials, and also some recipes as I am an avid foodie and cook as well.  It came as a "surprise" when I was asked and I am a little shy here because this is all I have up on the web so far, and I am not sure it is too much of a resource just yet.  

I started crocheting over 10 years ago, but in reality, I put my hooks down after just a few months all those years ago, and only recently picked up crochet again in the last year.  It all started when I completed the 63 square blanket in my first post.   After that I never stopped and I am "hooked" quite literally.  That first project is off with the stitch count and it does not lay all the way flat and has quite a few mistakes.  But, it is a reminder of my journey and that is what it is all about, just challenging yourself and learning and hopefully along the way inspiring others.  

With that said, off to start on the border of this babette/klimt inspired blanket (links in my previous post).  I will go into further detail on some of the things I did differently with the count from the wonderful klimt tutorial to make this my own.  Happy Crocheting everyone! 

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