Monday, January 28, 2013

Sneaky Peekie, look at the tea cozy I am designing.

Last night I sat down to start on a tea cozy project.  My dear friend bought me a tea pot at Christmas time and I love it and use it all the time, but sometimes my tea gets cold because I don't sip it fast enough.  I looked online at teapot cozies and every single one of them were for the traditional western tea pot with the handle on the side, and the tea cozy can just slip on over the pot, with a slit on each side (one for the spout and one for the handle) and fasten in some sort of fashion because they do not have the handle on the top to contend with.  I sat up late and worked on it until about midnight!  The time just zipped past.  I managed to get the foundation built so it fits the pot well, and now I am working hard on the decoration which will involve all sorts of wonderful flowers and buttons.  It is going to be very festive indeed!  I can't wait to finish this so I can show it off.  I wrote down each row on the tea pot and made a pattern but I am still unsure if I will publish it just yet.  I want to make sure it is readable and I made it to fit this specific tea pot... Anyway... I am getting ahead of myself here.

Here is the sneak peek at the beginnings of my tea cozy design.

I can hardly wait to finish this fun and festive tea cozy, and enjoy 2 cups of hot tea in a row for once.  A pot of tea can cool off pretty fast around here, in the winter time.  

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