Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Curried Ramen Pancake Recipe

I am going to show you something here, that is a little different but very good.  If you have ever had a Saigon Pancake, you will really love this.  I created this one day when I was hungry for a Saigon Pancake but did not have the rice flour or the coconut milk on hand to make one.  Desperate, I reached into the cupboard and pulled out some ramen.  That day, the curried ramen pancake was born.  It is very delicious and most people have these ingredients on hand.  It sounds a bit strange but you will be pleasantly surprised.  I have tried making it without the curry and without the sesame oil and something was seriously lacking.  You need these two ingredients to make this flavorful.  You can use whatever protein and vegetable combo you want.  You can make it with a mixture of pork and shrimp and add lots of bean sprouts, or whatever you like.  Have fun and don't restrict yourself. 

You will need 2 eggs, a package of your favorite ramen flavor, some vegetable oil, some sesame oil, and some curry powder.  You also will need about 2 cups worth of your favorite protein source and some vegetables.  I have shrimp, scallions, carrots and celery here because that is what was in the fridge today. 

Crack open two eggs into a bowl and add the seasoning packet from your ramen directly to the eggs.  Take about 1/2 teaspoon of curry powder and whisk this together and set aside. In the mean time cook your veggies and meat in the frying pan you will use a little later in about a Tablespoon of vegetable oil.  (A little less if you have a teflon pan).  Just enough to keep things from sticking.  In another pan boil your noodles in water without the seasoning package until done.  I ended up cooking the shrimp but left the green onion out and added directly to the egg mixture in the next step.  I did not want my scallions to become overcooked. 

Drain your noodles and add the vegetables to the egg and seasonings.  Then add your noodles and give a good stir.  Put a little sesame oil in the pan and more vegetable oil if needed to keep this mixture from sticking.  You don't need very much.  You do not want this to be greasy.  Cook this on medium to medium high heat.  You basically want it high enough to brown the pancake but not too hot or the center will not cook.  Not too cool or the pancake will absorb the grease.  Depending on your stove, just between medium high and medium heat.  

While it is cooking cover the pan so that it traps the heat and cooks the inside of the pancake.  After about 4-5 minutes it should be golden brown on one side (lift a corner of it with a spatula) and it should be pretty firm and hold it's shape when you shake the pan around.  This means it is ready to flip.  Place a plate over the frying pan and hold on tight.  Flip it onto a plate.  Be very careful as this is hot.  Then look to see if the pan is still coated with oil, if not adjust the oil in the pan again with sesame oil.  Slide the pancake from the plate back into the pan so you can cook the other side.   After both sides are cooked through just slide onto a plate.

I cut it in wedges with a pizza cutter and serve this way.  It can be shared as an appetizer or as a meal.  I like to top it with fresh cut up green onions.  

It is very tasty, quick and economical.  This is just another way to enjoy some ramen.  It can be served wrapped up in lettuce leaves if you desire and dipped in a dipping sauce.  Here is the recipe for a basic dipping sauce.  

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