Monday, February 11, 2013

New ideas and new projects dancing around my head

A new journey begins...

I decided that I would start on another blanket.  I love blankets!  Why so many do you say?  Because I will make them as many times as I can, and then when the holidays come, or a baby shower or whatever, then I will have gifts to choose from.  Some I keep, and some I gift.  That is just how I roll around here.  I have yet to meet a person that doesn't like to be blessed with a blanket (OK, a few people don't like them! I actually had people reject my humble efforts a time or two believe it or not. So, I can't let myself get too full of myself with my crocheting, it keeps me humble) 

I pulled my basket of yarn out and these are all the balls of yarn I have going at the moment.  Some of the darker colors I will put aside and use in another project.  There is enough yarn here to complete a project with.  I love lots of color but I must use up a lot of what I have going on here.  If the laundry basket is full to the top with balls of yarn, I know that I have enough to make a blanket of some sort.  

I am starting a crazy ripple blanket.  I have no set plans on what I am going to do or make but I need to try to fit in some of the balls of yarn that are getting small in this, and use those up.  It will be interesting to see what this blanket tells me what it wants to be with the color combinations and rows and such.  It will be all kinds of random and whatnot.  I figured it was time for a ripple blanket because the last several projects involved a granny square or motif of some sort.  It is good to mix things up, to keep things new and exciting.


The 4 books on the right arrived from this past weekend.  I was already putting the border on my last project when they arrived so I have yet to try one of these lovely designs.  I haven't even made anything from the books on the left yet, with the exception of the gingerbread man scarf for a Christmas present, from the Twinkie Chan book.  I have some yarn sitting here to make myself one that I have not gotten to yet.  I like to make the smaller projects when the weather is hot out.  I can't stand to have a big blanket across my lap when it is 95 degrees out in the summer.  So for now, it is blankets, and this summer it will be scarves and socks and such.  I figure that I have a rough estimate of 850 motif & square patterns, 450 borders and 500 stitches to use and make into something.  That can be either altering them into something new or using as is.  And we won't mention my large "favorites" list I have going on ravelry and pinterest and on and on....   I have a lot of ideas swimming around in my head.  It is a good thing that it takes a while to make a project or I would be completely out of control.  I have just a few more books that I want and then I feel my basic crochet library will be complete.  

All in all it is a glorious day because I have the excitement and promise of new projects dancing around in my head.  

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