Friday, February 8, 2013

Progress on the African Flower Roseanne Blanket.

Hello dear reader, I hope all is well in your world.  I have been busy working on my "African Roseanne" blanket.  It is coming together quite well.  I am still unsure if I like it.  I am not used to working in such dark colors and once the black border went on the hexagons it took on a different feel.  It does indeed resemble the granny square blanket on the back of the couch on the television show Roseanne with the colors and the black, and that was sort of my goal.  Here is an image that shows some of the progress.

I think it looks really a lot nicer without the black background in many ways but as I continue to add more and more rows and step back from it, it is getting prettier.  I think it is one of those blankets that you will need to step back from a bit to enjoy.  I still am having fun with it and in my mind as I near the bottom of adding rows, I am looking at my basket full of yarn and trying to decide what I want to make next.  I want to make something fun and colorful (and less dark) for spring.  

I hope to be able to show it off within a week or two!  

So what do you think dear reader?  Do you like it?  Hate it?  I am still a bit on the fence about it. 


  1. I think your African Flower Roseanne afghan is gorgeous. Is there a pattern for the African Flower design?

    1. Hi Joan, thank you for your comment :) It is coming together and it is growing on me. I think for me, it is all the black in it that I am not used to. But I still like it, I am just not completely in love with it. However, as time goes on it is growing on me and I am sure it will be well loved within our household for many years.

      The tutorial on how to make African Flowers is here:

      Have fun making them! They go quickly.


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